Brunching at El Mercado

Brunch is the perfect combination of breakfast and lunch and El Mercado delivers just that! Paired with the beautiful outdoor seating and surrounded by the colorful atmosphere of downtown Santa Ana, brunch at El Mercado made for the perfect Sunday with the Babes.



El Mercado Modern Cuisine was established in September of 2016. This award winning Modern Mexican Cuisine will have your taste buds doing a happy dance! Their menu change seasonally and for each meal of the day.El Mercado’s bar offers a variety of drinks infused with sophisticated flavors and fresh ingredients.




The Babes started their brunch with delicious bottomless mimosas! The perfect combination of champagne and orange juice and served in the cutest glasses. Most of the Babes’ favorite plate was the Homemade Buttermilk Pancakes served with burnt pilonsillo maple syrup and evaporated milk. These pancakes are SO fluffy and thick!


Another plate the Babes were raving about was the Torrejas French Toast. This toast is made with brioche, sweet custard, habanero whip, pilonsillo syrup, and rum soaked raisins. El Mercado truly thinks of every little detail when creating every single plate! Each member of their staff is extremely friendly and goes above and beyond to make your dinning experience truly special.




If you’re looking for a new place to eat with a great vibe and a fantastic menu, head to downtown Santa Ana and give El Mercado a try! The surrounding area is new and upcoming and a fun area to explore with family and friends! Check out some of our other favorite dishes below!


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