Milkshake Madness

We received the opportunity to try The Straw last weekend and we were blown away!! This by far is the most adorable milkshake place we have ever been to. You can see the dedication and love the owners have for this business from the moment you step foot inside. Every milkshake has a story and the owners tell it so well!





We loved the interchangeable poetry wall, which is so unique and gives The Straw it’s own personality. They also have more than just milkshakes! The Straw also has coffee and tea that are prepared in the most unique way. For example, the Cotton Tail Coffee is brewed coffee that is sweetened with unflavored cotton candy (totally Instagram worthy!) Scroll to see the babes favorite flavors of the shakes and why they loved them! <3






My favorite milkshake was The Storm (pictured above), the mix of chocolate and tart blackberries was just the perfect blend of savory and tart plus the overall color of the shake made it super appealing when it came to be insta-worthy! -Ashley 

I loved the Cotton Tail Coffee the most because I am obsessed with coffee and I am always trying to find new coffee shops! I loved that the cotton candy gave it enough sweetness, but it wasn’t overpowering. It is nice to know that a place that is known for their delicious milkshakes also has incredible coffee! -Alee 

I loved the Mr. Grey milkshake! The honey, lavender and earl grey flavors were perfect together. I’m a sucker for anything tea flavored and this did not disappoint! I also loved that it came with a cup of hot earl grey tea to cut the cool creaminess of the shake. Mmmm! –Erin

Vampire campfire was so good! Garlic didn’t sound the best in a milkshake but was oddly delicious. –Felicia

My favorite was the Donkey Kong. I love banana flavored everything. This milkshake had the perfect mix of bananas and chocolate it was just absolutely delicious! -Karen


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